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Product overview

ISLIKER MAGNETE has a wide range of standard products including linear solenoids, self-holding solenoids, rotary solenoids, stepping solenoids, holding magnets and permanent holding magnets. However, if you cannot find a suitable product we are happy to develop a customised solution to suit your specific requirements.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific design requirements with you. Our checklist supports us in our discussion.

'Technical Explanations' for your technical support regarding solenoids.

A summary of our offer can be found in the product overview

Standard types

Linear solenoids Industrial solenoid Small solenoid Economy solenoid Miniatur solenoid
Electro magnets Electro magnet Permanent electro magnet    
Selfholding solenoids Selfholding solenoid Bistable selfholding solenoid    
Rotary solenoids Rotary solenoid      

Custom solenoids (small selection)

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