pull, push, rotate - our solenoids are moving
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Rotary solenoids

Rotary solenoid Rotary solenoid Compact rotary solenoid without axial movement of the shaft. Can be fitted with adjustable return spring if required.

Download DGV data sheets complete (1.5 MB)
Type PDF Dimensions
W x H x L
Rotary angle
Axial movement of
Standard design Return spring
Turning counter-clockwise Turning clockwise
DGV-35.95 6_01_1_DGV-35.pdf 35 x 35 x 27.5 95 no x x x
DGV-50.95 6_02_1_DGV-50.pdf 50 x 50 x 35 95 no x x x
DGV-75.95 6_03_1_DGV-75.pdf 75 x 75 x 53 95 no x x x
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