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Applications with custom solenoids

Our custom-designed products can be found wherever individual solutions are required with the highest demands.

Energy technology

Image 1 Energy technology Releasing solenoid
Reliable and fast acting actuator used in molded case circuit breakers (MCCB)
Image 2 Energy technology Releasing solenoid
Residual current devices (RCD) with a reliable acting solenoid are the most effective protection against electric shock

Machine industry

Image 1 Machine industry Patented pneumatic valve
Solenoid with integrated pneumatic valve used in sorting systems such as glass recycling
Image 2 Machine industry Bistable rotary solenoid
Used as actuator on automatic banknote sorting systems to direct banknotes into correct location

Medical technology

Image 1 Medical technology Mini solenoid
Actuates the aperture mechanism of a camera in a dental application
Image 2 Medical technology Valve solenoid
Controls the security valve in respirators

Security industry

Image 1 Security industry Single stroke solenoid with PWM control
Solenoid with PWM drive control for pull in and holding action. Widely used in lift doors
Image 2 Security industry Electromagnetic locking unit
This locking unit holds or releases automatic doors (integrated control of end positions)

Mining industry

Image 1 Mining industry Solenoid to control hydraulic cylinders
Roof support systems are used in longwall mines and withstand all kinds of geological conditions
Image 2 Mining industry Short stroke solenoid
Provides the control and interlock of circuit breakers in mining power supplies. In the mining industry, in the harshest environmental conditions, a reliable power supply is essential

Defence Industry

Image 1 Defence Industry Solenoid
Extreme reliability in extreme conditions. Military applications include fast response time gun-fire solenoids for automatic weapons, security solenoids to prevent friendly fire among others
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